CSpine Inc., an orthopedics development and consulting group, has located its new research and development and prototype manufacturing operation in The techFarm in Plymouth, Indiana.

The firm specializes in the development and manufacturing of FDA-approved orthopedic and dental devices.

"We are experiencing phenomenal growth and know that the new location in Plymouth will provide the location and resources we need to capitalize on the growing demand for orthopedic and medical devices," said Troy Walters, vice president of CSpine, Inc.

Since incorporating in 2005, CSpine has worked with orthopedic device developers and manufacturers across the country to develop and produce orthopedic products for all orthopedic markets, ranging from spinal to dental.

"Our goal is help small medical device companies further develop their products with our research and development expertise and get their new products to market as efficiently and cost effectively as possible," Walters said.